Sunday, April 03, 2005

Architectural toys ...

Here's a great site for seeing the work of specific architects, architectural periods, construction techniques, and best of all - 3D SOLID MODELS of various buildings.

Many are solid massing models (not much detail) but quite few are "walk-through" models and some are detailed right down to the doorknobs. And - it allows for seasonal/time-of-day lighting study (i.e., 11/27 2:30PM, 5/14 10AM). To play with them, you need to get the free software.

I used it for quite a while to make study models of a bungalow I've been designing (and redesigning and redesigning) - finally went out and bought the "classic" version to beef up the model detail. Artifice also publishes a web magazine that discusses architectural design and has additional models.

If everyone already knows about this, I apologize.